Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dragsville by The Woofers

Dragsville, by The Woofers, is a pretty good album. In addition to not-too-bad versions of "Little Deuce Coupe" and "Drag City" we're treated to eight other decent exploitation-themed originals. Not up there with The Beach Boys or Jan & Dean, but a solid third-tier offering, I'd say.

Ken Burroughs suggests that this was recorded by The Dovells, given the Cameo-Parkway-Wyncote pedigree. Sounds logical to me!


1. Drag City
2. Hot Rod Races
3. Mister Hot Rod
4. Wailin' Wheels
5. Ridin' The Rails
6. Little Deuce Coupe
7. Bench Racer
8. Dragster On The Prowl
9. Cool Bash
10. Down By The Draggin' Strip