Monday, July 20, 2009

The Bugs Bunny Show

Thanks to my on-line pal, Tom, I have had four of my 16mm prints of The Bugs Bunny Show transferred to DVD-R. Here's the menu for the disc:

The segments that the WB crew created to bridge the cartoons are so cool. Look at these weird combinations of characters:

Bugs with the "Goofy Gophers"

Bug with Sylvester (hawking Post cereals!)

Bugs & Pepe LePew (Bugs can't take it!)

Yosemite Sam & Pepe

Here are a couple "made-for-TV" title cards:

A Freleng character (Rocky) in a McKimson-directed segment!

Some opportunities for re-using theatrical animation over TV backgrounds:

I'd sure like to get more of these early 'sixties show on video someday. Anybody want to trade?